Monday, March 22, 2010


Rosario Vaz sdb, Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 22, 2010: “India lives in its villages,” these words of Nehru proved to be truly prophetic on Sunday, March 21, 2010. 254 children from 13 villages around BGVK performed beyond all expectations and came up with an energy packed Dances and Radio Arts (songs, skits, plays, drama, speeches, jokes, mimicry and talks).

“This did not happen by chance but by dint of a year of hard regular, singleminded, persistent team work,” said Fr. Rosario Vaz, the man behind the scene. “In the beginning, there were a lot of difficulties to hold evening studies in the villages, the girl-children were not allowed to come as they had to attend to household work, funds were not available, distances were too much for children to walk for the evening classes and return late at night. Educating the village child is difficult because of their mindset. Why do girls need to study if they are to be given in marriage? This is a question most often in parents’ minds. Looking at the melava it was encouraging for the organizers and for the children themselves to realize that the sky is the limit. It brought out the best in them in terms of hidden talent and skills. Their performances made them see themselves as productive members of society. Gratitude goes to the Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Rector of the Shrine, Matunga for sponsoring the event.”

The whole program began with a prayer recited by a child and a speech by Fr. Alex Gonsalves. The Director of CSRD, Dr. Suresh Pathare was the Chief Guest. An entire galaxy of dances was performed with gusto and verve. On stage, they were transformed into dancing queens, princesses and ballerinas. In all, 89 participants performed on stage in a total of 25 items. At the start of the music as if touched by magic, decked in beautiful ornamented costumes they danced with josh, pomp and timing making it an event difficult to forget. The children needed no supervision during the event and the discipline was praiseworthy.
After lunch, a few dances still carried on. The children prepared the dances and performed without any adult help. All received prizes. Each one left with a T- shirt and token prizes. With the BGVK idols shining, the future of India is bright. BGVK, the premier institution that takes care of the grassroots has arrived at a point of focus, caring for the education of the future generation. Truly, the villages are lovely, dark and deep and there are promises to keep, and miles to walk before we sleep, but for now it is, “Bravo BGVKan Idols!!!”

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