Monday, September 17, 2012


Mr. Amarr Prabhu
KURLA-MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 :  DBCL Kurla constantly keeps pushing the boundaries of its training possibilities. The first batch of  trainees for Godrej Construction Division proudly celebrated the successful completion of the Skilled Plumbers Course and welcomed the second batch of trainees. In a joint certification by Don Bosco and Godrej, twenty two trainees completed one hundred hours of skill training in the latest practices followed in plumbing technology at the St. Joseph’s ITI Plumbing Lab.

The function was held on the 31st of August 2012 at the Santino Mondini Hall, Kurla. Besides Rev. Fr. Colbert da Silva, (Exec. Dir. of SJITI ) as well as its Principal  Mr. Amarr Prabhu several important dignitaries from Godrej also graced the occasion. Chief Guest: Mr. Maneck Engineer (Executive Vice President, Godrej Construction) Mr. Purvez Gandhi (COO, Godrej Construction) Mr. Anil Gupte DGM-HR Godrej Construction; Mr. Ramesh Bhandarkar  (DGM Property development) and Mr.Kaezab Karanjawala (Senior General Manager Property development.) After the formal introductions a short film on the program and the sentiments of some of the participants was screened.

Mr. Manek Engineer, stressed how plumbing was an important aspect in ‘civil engineering’, where efforts were being made to save water and help drought affected areas in India.  He also spoke about the changes and advancement in water technology and how techniques have to be implemented and the knowledge of maintenance of these techniques was crucial. Mr. Ramesh, pointed out that this program was initiated to make more people employable, produce better quality service and eventually encourage entrepreneurship.

Fr Colbert further motivated the trainees stating that the world today had a shortage of such technicians, especially since water was now becoming a scarce commodity and it is for these trainees to fight the war of saving water and indirectly, the world.

Mr Shyam Sunder Gawade, President Godrej Shramik Sangh from the Godrej Union, was very appreciative of such a program that helped people from the weaker sections to become skilled technicians and he was very thankful to Don Bosco for their support in this regard. On yet another note, a trainee of the first batch Mr Ganesh Giri, applauded the efforts of the Plumbing Instructors Mr. Walter D’mello and Mr..S.Khan and the instructors Ms. Ambika Nair, Ms. Elenka Rebello and Ms. Annabelle Rodrigues of the Hospitality Department of Don Bosco College who taught communication/soft skills that was so very much appreciated by the trainees.

Certificates and gifts for various achievements were awarded to the successful trainees and twenty five new trainees were inducted into the second batch to begin their Skilled Plumbers Course.

The function was brought to a close with a heart-warming video presentation representing the activities of this joint venture from its inauguration to the day’s valedictory function stressing that much can be achieved when industry and DBCL, Kurla partner together.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Dr. Sarika Kulkarni

MATUNGA, SEPTEMBER 08, 2012 : At Don Bosco Centre for Learning, the Social dimension is a key element in the educative process of life on this campus. So it came as no surprise when the Centre for Social Change of the MBA department announced a leadership program for NGO and SHG leaders. This was held on August 13 and 14, 2012. There was a good mix of participants from several organizations. Sankalpsiddhi Samaj Vikas Sansth 9, Swati Samaj Vikas Sansth 6; Muktai Samaj Vikas Sansth 11; One each from Creative Handicraft, Sanskar Trust; Aurobindo Trust and Shelter Don Bosco.

Some of the best speakers from the industry made themselves available. Using a multi lingual approach the resource persons kept the thirty participants actively engaged from 9am till 5pm on both days.

While Shri Noshir Dadrawala made them aware of the Legal Challenges and walked them through the steps of Fund Raising, Shri Prashant Pandit of Nasscom Foundation, enlightened them concerning the Effective Use of IT in their work. Mr. Madhukar Kumar, from iVolunteer took up Volunteer Management and Mr. Shrinivas Sawant, a development management professional elaborated on Good Governance.

The presentations, group exercises and other approaches used by the speakers helped drive home the points. The problems that these organizations face came to the fore and the discussions were intense. The vibrant participation and enthusiasm in this program led to a lot of shared experiences that benefitted all those present.

Centre for Social Change looks ahead to engage in several other programs to assist, empower and strengthen NGOs and SHGs in their efforts to build a more humane and just society. It has a strong capacity to develop and offer end to end support for this category so expect to hear more about its programs in the future.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Amar G Prabhu
MUMBAI, AUGUST 31, 2012 :  The Eleventh National Customer Championship held by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.  At Bengalur was a competition that tested skills of the participants in three different categories, General Technician, Service Advisor and Service Parts.

Among the fourteen contestants drawn from the Toyota dealerships all over India, Mr. Kurt Lopez was judged the winner in the ‘General Technician’ category and Mr.  Siddesh Salvi was declared in the second position in the ’Service Advisor’ category.

The Management and staff of the Motor Vehicle Mechanic trade of St Joseph’s ITI are proud of the achievement of our students.There are sixty three students presently studying the Motor Vehicle Mechanic Trade in the  ITI and seventy three students doing the Don Bosco Certification Programme in Motor Mechanics at St. Joseph’s  ITI.

Since 2006 Toyota has collaborated as a knowledge partner with St Joseph’s  ITI, Kurla.  Our trainees are exposed to the Toyota-Technical Education Programme (T-TEP) with on the job training at their authorized dealers .

On completion of the ITI course and T-TEP, the students are offered employment in Toyota dealerships. Candidates who take employment are reimbursed a year’s fees. This collaboration is a win-win situation for Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd and St Joseph’s ITI.

As Mr. Kurt Lopez prepares himself to compete with the champions of one hundred countries from around the world at the ‘International Skills Championship’ in Nagoya, Japan.  We Congratulate him and wish him the very best as he gets ready to take off with his parents to the Land of the Rising Sun.


Ms. Surekha Pednekar (DBDS)
MATUNGA, AUGUST 31,2012:  Don Bosco Development Society had organized one day health camp at Darukhana, Dargah Galli slum area in Reay Road on August 18, 2012. This camp was organized in association with Shrusti foundation. Dr. Wagh and his medical team examined the children and prescribed medicines to the needy ones. The objective of the camp was to assess general health and well- being of the children.

One hundred and thirty eight children were medically examined and of that four severely malnourished children and fifty suffering from various diseases were detected in this health camp.

This camp was enough to prove that malnourishment exists in the slum communities of Mumbai and there is an urgent need to make the ICDS  Anganwadis respond to the nutritional needs of children.

The camp was preceded by group meetings in Darukhana with the SHG women. The SHG women communicated the date, time and venue of health camp to all the women in the area. The health camp began at 11 am and ended at 5pm. The children in the community welcomed the doctor and staff, and were happy to experience such a camp being organized in their community.

There is an urgent need on creating awareness on the health and hygiene issues in this slum community. The children identified as suffering from malnutrition were referred to government hospital and ICDS Anganwadi for their recovery to good health.

By this health camp DBDS has launched its campaign to identify malnourished children in slum communities of Mumbai.