Thursday, February 23, 2012

Training Panchayat Leaders

Cl. Evangelo D’Souza
KAPADVANJ, FEBRUARY 23, 2012: On February 20, 2012 Don Bosco Dristi Kapadvanj organized a dawn to dusk seminar for eighteen representatives of the Panchayats of Meerapur, Motipura, Alampura, Gadiyara, Tanthdi and Sonada villages of the Kapadvanj bloc.  The aim of the seminar was to give the participants a basic understanding of a Panchayat institution.

Mr. Shailesh, the coordinator of Dristi, Kapadvanj was the resource person for the seminar. The seminar was sub-divided into five sessions. The opening session focused on the history and development of a Panchayati Raj. The characteristics of the seventy third amendment of the Constitution pertaining the Panchayati Raj were then dealt in the following session. The rights and duties of a Panchayat President, Secretary and its members were then explained in the third session. In the fourth session, Mr. Shailesh described in detail the procedure of a grampanchayat meeting. Fr. Mayank Parmar, in charge of development work of the Kapadvanj bloc, then concluded the seminar by inviting the participants themselves to share their own experiences and give their feedback on the seminar conducted.

The participants were very grateful to the organizers as they were now aware of the administrative methods of running a Panchayat. One of the striking features of this event was that two women were also present for the seminar.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ranald Lopes
CHHOTA UDEPUR, FEBRUARY 07, 2012: Connecting Women, Changing our World- This was the theme for our women's day celebration at Don Bosco Chhota Udepur, Gujarat. Four hundred and twenty one women from thirty two different villages converged for a day of fun, entertainment and learning. Though Women's Day is celebrated on March 08, Lok Seva Kendra decided to hold it early. The day began with fete games, which our simple tribal women played for the first time.

We then had the main programme, with the Taluka Panchayat Head Mrs. Vanuben as the Chief Guest, who shared her experience on bringing a change in our society. We also had Ms. Surekha Pednekar from the Development Office who came all the way from Mumbai, to encourage the women and begin the process of forming a Women's Federation. The Rajpipla Theatre Group performed a skit on women's issues, which was much appreciated by the women. To add to the fun and enjoyment Fr. Roger Jones, our magician par excellence, kept the women awestruck with his tricks.

As the day came to an end the women took back a lot of memories to share with their fellow-women back at home.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Kenneth Pereira sdb
BARODA, FEBRUARY 04, 2012: The Roshni Education project has been going on since the past nine years, and it  currently covers twelve bastis where about three hundred and fifty slum children assemble for classes in basic literacy. The more promising children are eventually inducted into Don Bosco School, Baroda.

Well, January 29, 2012 was celebrated as Roshni Annual Day. Already at 9 am the children from the various bastis arrived at Don Bosco in open tempos and were treated to a filling breakfast. At 10:30 am, a cultural program was held in the DBS hall, at which the children of each basti put up a skit with a message on caring for the environment. The guests of honour for the occasion were six officials from ONGC Baroda, headed by Mr. R.K. Sharma (HR in-charge, ONGC).

After a sumptuous lunch that was sponsored by Shri Vipin Shah, the children were afforded an opportunity to participate in various fete games. It was amusing to watch the children queued up to try their luck, their skill or their strength at a dozen or so fete games that they could play. Prizes for these games were sponsored by the Lions Club of Baroda.

The children finally bade farewell to Don Bosco Baroda at around 5:30 pm, as they made their way to the tempos that would carry them home. The contentment on their faces and the gift packets in their hands sent a clear message to all: “We’ve had an enjoyable day!”

Mrs. Jagruti Khare and Mrs. Kiran Lohani as well as the other basti teachers on the Roshni staff, under the guidance of Fr. Gregory D’Cunha, did a commendable job of organizing the entire event, and even finding sponsors for the major expenses.