Monday, April 19, 2010


KAWANT, APRIL 19, 2010: Kawant was once upon a time known for its cultural heritage and beauty, but as time passes, one can see the changes that are taking place in their life style and culture. The sight at Holi (Gher) was an eye opener. People from all walks of life would come on Gher day, to see the beautiful adivasi cultural dances in the town. But this year, the sight was disappointing. Only two or three groups were seen in the town giving their best shots. The community of Don Bosco, Kawant decided to revive the adivasi culture by inviting the different dancing groups of Kawant taluka on April 14, 2010, a day marked for Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti and Women’s day.

The day began with the fete games organized by the scouts of Don Bosco followed by the cultural dances from four different groups of Umti, Nakhal, Raisingpura and Vazepur. Each group was given Twenty minutes to perform on the stage and the winner was the group from Raisingpura. Rathwa women’s group from Kawant performed a skit on the role and importance of Gram Sabha in the villages. Many women realised that the key to the development in the village is through attendance and raising ones voice in the Gram Sabha. The chief guest Mrs. Kiran Lohani spoke on how to revive the adivasi culture, women being the best to bring this change. Fr. Byron, too spoke on the importance of Adivasi culture. He said that one should not feel shy or feel small in acknowledging ones culture. Adivasi culture is rich and well recognized all over the world. All cultures are equal in the eyes of God. A turn out of Three hundred and Ninety Two people was seen for the day. Special prizes were given to all the groups by the chief guest.

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