Sunday, September 11, 2011


Cl. Evangelo D’Souza
The family budget program for the leaders of the self-help groups of Kapadvanj block was held at Don Bosco Kapadvanj, Gujarat. The program was organized by Don Bosco Action India with the Dristi Staff of Kapadvanj.
The focus of the event was to enable the participants to organize and plan their monthly budget to ensure a safe and secure living. Ms. Surekha and Mr. Mahesh of Don Bosco Action India graced this occasion with their presence. Ms. Ramila Gohil of World Vision, Ahmedabad and Mrs. Rinky of ICECD (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development) were the main facilitators for this training. They dealt basically on the income sources of the family, the ways of expenses and guided the participants in preparing a monthly budget for their own family. Group work and presentation methods were used in this training. The sixty five participants truly felt that the program helped them to organize and plan their life.
The program was an eye-opener to the candidates. It enabled them to foresee and plan their life.