Monday, March 22, 2010


WALVANDA, MARCH 17, 2010: World women’s day was celebrated with much pomp at the Walvanda Centre, Jawhar block on March 10, 2010. The theme of the programme was to give “equality of right, equal opportunity to every one”. The purpose of organizing such a program was to encourage women to come forward and bring togetherness for the sustainable development of women through mobilization of women. Around 500 women participated in the event with enthusiasm.

The programme started with the welcoming of women and the chief guest Mr. M.D.Gangurde the Tahsildar of Jawhar and offering garlands to Savitribai Phule by Fr. Anaclate with other guest. The introductory address was delivered by Mr. Sanjay Shinde wherein he shared the history of celebrating women’s day and the background of the organization.
M. D. Gangurde addressed the women on women development schemes. He mainly focused on schemes and their benefits which women should avail at the village level. An action song followed in which the women took part whole heartedly. Dr. Kshirsagar focused on poverty and its linkages to women’s underdevelopment. He spoke about general problems faced by women and how it affects the development process through various live examples. He also talked about importance of self help groups. Dr. Aruna Patil talked about Women’s health and their problems.

Fr. Anaclete addressed the women and mentioned that he was happy to see a large gathering. He added that the organization is ready to support and enhance the skills of women through various training programmes.

A memorable cultural programme followed. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Melvin Pangya.

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