Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ranald Lopes sdb

CHHOTAUDEPUR, MARCH 8, 2010: The 45 day Beautician course drew to a close on March 7, 2010 as 27 girls from the tribal area culminated their course in Beauty, sponsored by the NABARD bank. Though the World Fashion Centre is at Paris, LSK vouches that Chhota too will someday make its place on the Fashion Map. It was heart warming to see young girls now prepared in a new way of income generation activity. LSK organized this 45 day workshop with the help of Laura Abreo a well know beautician from Mumbai who directed the girls on beauty tips and make up. This was not all, to venture into this business one needs finance, hence called the SBI director of Chhota was called to speak to the girls and show them how to secure a bank loan with 50% deduction for their new venture. The girls are now empowered to begin their own enterprise and earn a handsome living. Certificates were also distributed and each one also got a basic make up kit to begin this needful and fashionable business.

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