Thursday, November 1, 2012


KAPADVANJ, NOVEMBER 01, 2012 :An awareness campaign is being organized in three villages of the Kapadvanj block to stop  child marriage. The youth themselves are involved in this campaign in their own villages with the help of DRISTI Don Bosco, Kapadvanj.

DRISTI took the initiative to train few youth. Accordingly four youth together with DRISTI staff were sent to Delhi to equip themselves with the knowledge and methodology to abolish this social evil which in turn leads to other major problems for society and the young couples themselves.

After receiving the training in Delhi, these four youth have decided to organize signature campaign in their own villages. Thus on 13 October 2012 in Navamuvada, 14 October 2012 in Hadmatya and 20 October 2012 in Bapujinamuvada, youth of the village came together under the leadership of Ms. Sangeeta in Navamuvada, Master Kishan in Hadmatiya and Master Vijay in Bapujinamuvada.

In all these villages around Sixty five youth were gathered.  After imparting information and enumerating the evils of child marriage, the youth of these villages were convinced and asked them to be part of the movement.

Mr. Sanjay Parmar DRISTI Staff and Fr. Mayank Parmar told the group of youth leaders about DRISTI activities and offered them our backing with all the expertise of DRISTI to help the youth of the villages in choosing the career for their future. The youth were enthused and agreed to join the signature campaign and promise under oath that they will not marry until they attain the legal age of marriage and also convince others to do the same.

At the next meeting that is to be held at Don Bosco Kapadvanj, the youth leaders have on their agenda  the drawing up of a concrete plan to abolish child marriage in the coming year.

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