Thursday, February 23, 2012

Training Panchayat Leaders

Cl. Evangelo D’Souza
KAPADVANJ, FEBRUARY 23, 2012: On February 20, 2012 Don Bosco Dristi Kapadvanj organized a dawn to dusk seminar for eighteen representatives of the Panchayats of Meerapur, Motipura, Alampura, Gadiyara, Tanthdi and Sonada villages of the Kapadvanj bloc.  The aim of the seminar was to give the participants a basic understanding of a Panchayat institution.

Mr. Shailesh, the coordinator of Dristi, Kapadvanj was the resource person for the seminar. The seminar was sub-divided into five sessions. The opening session focused on the history and development of a Panchayati Raj. The characteristics of the seventy third amendment of the Constitution pertaining the Panchayati Raj were then dealt in the following session. The rights and duties of a Panchayat President, Secretary and its members were then explained in the third session. In the fourth session, Mr. Shailesh described in detail the procedure of a grampanchayat meeting. Fr. Mayank Parmar, in charge of development work of the Kapadvanj bloc, then concluded the seminar by inviting the participants themselves to share their own experiences and give their feedback on the seminar conducted.

The participants were very grateful to the organizers as they were now aware of the administrative methods of running a Panchayat. One of the striking features of this event was that two women were also present for the seminar.

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