Saturday, February 4, 2012


Kenneth Pereira sdb
BARODA, FEBRUARY 04, 2012: The Roshni Education project has been going on since the past nine years, and it  currently covers twelve bastis where about three hundred and fifty slum children assemble for classes in basic literacy. The more promising children are eventually inducted into Don Bosco School, Baroda.

Well, January 29, 2012 was celebrated as Roshni Annual Day. Already at 9 am the children from the various bastis arrived at Don Bosco in open tempos and were treated to a filling breakfast. At 10:30 am, a cultural program was held in the DBS hall, at which the children of each basti put up a skit with a message on caring for the environment. The guests of honour for the occasion were six officials from ONGC Baroda, headed by Mr. R.K. Sharma (HR in-charge, ONGC).

After a sumptuous lunch that was sponsored by Shri Vipin Shah, the children were afforded an opportunity to participate in various fete games. It was amusing to watch the children queued up to try their luck, their skill or their strength at a dozen or so fete games that they could play. Prizes for these games were sponsored by the Lions Club of Baroda.

The children finally bade farewell to Don Bosco Baroda at around 5:30 pm, as they made their way to the tempos that would carry them home. The contentment on their faces and the gift packets in their hands sent a clear message to all: “We’ve had an enjoyable day!”

Mrs. Jagruti Khare and Mrs. Kiran Lohani as well as the other basti teachers on the Roshni staff, under the guidance of Fr. Gregory D’Cunha, did a commendable job of organizing the entire event, and even finding sponsors for the major expenses.

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