Sunday, September 9, 2012


Dr. Sarika Kulkarni

MATUNGA, SEPTEMBER 08, 2012 : At Don Bosco Centre for Learning, the Social dimension is a key element in the educative process of life on this campus. So it came as no surprise when the Centre for Social Change of the MBA department announced a leadership program for NGO and SHG leaders. This was held on August 13 and 14, 2012. There was a good mix of participants from several organizations. Sankalpsiddhi Samaj Vikas Sansth 9, Swati Samaj Vikas Sansth 6; Muktai Samaj Vikas Sansth 11; One each from Creative Handicraft, Sanskar Trust; Aurobindo Trust and Shelter Don Bosco.

Some of the best speakers from the industry made themselves available. Using a multi lingual approach the resource persons kept the thirty participants actively engaged from 9am till 5pm on both days.

While Shri Noshir Dadrawala made them aware of the Legal Challenges and walked them through the steps of Fund Raising, Shri Prashant Pandit of Nasscom Foundation, enlightened them concerning the Effective Use of IT in their work. Mr. Madhukar Kumar, from iVolunteer took up Volunteer Management and Mr. Shrinivas Sawant, a development management professional elaborated on Good Governance.

The presentations, group exercises and other approaches used by the speakers helped drive home the points. The problems that these organizations face came to the fore and the discussions were intense. The vibrant participation and enthusiasm in this program led to a lot of shared experiences that benefitted all those present.

Centre for Social Change looks ahead to engage in several other programs to assist, empower and strengthen NGOs and SHGs in their efforts to build a more humane and just society. It has a strong capacity to develop and offer end to end support for this category so expect to hear more about its programs in the future.

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