Thursday, August 18, 2011


Pavita Fernandes
WADALA, AUGUST 18, 2011: On August 9, 2011, Fr. Savio Silveira and his team visited our school to brief our leaders and the concerned students on the ‘Zero Garbage’ campaign initiated by the Green Line this year.

A thought-provoking power-point presentation highlighting the dangers and ill-effects caused to our Mother Earth due to the ruthless and selfish acts of human beings was projected on the screen for the participants.  The focus was yet again on the three R’s of the environment, ‘Reduce, Recycle and Re-use.’

To further this campaign, a detailed planning – by students and teachers - was necessary.  Hence the significance of certain procedures and action plans.  Fr. Silveira, together with his assistant, Miss Lyra, explained the manner of conducting a ‘Waste Audit’ in the school which would form the basis for further action.

These effective insights coupled with the accomplishment of receiving the ‘Best Initiative award’ last year, were enough motivation for our students and staff to initiate a plan for the year ahead.  The leaders are all set to carry the ‘Green line’ torch to illumine the path leading to a waste-free and clean environment.

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