Friday, February 19, 2010


Kamlesh Dodia
NARUKOT, FEBRUARY 19, 2010: “Down the ages we have been making use of age old techniques learnt from our ancestors and we could have continued them if we did not have this training. This exposure for five days has in fact opened our eyes towards new era of using modern methods and techniques of growing agricultural products that will eventually help us to live a better life.” Madhuben Nayak proudly proclaimed her wisdom through these words.

Kantibhai Bariya from Ishwariya village looked at it from another perspective as he said, “It was a privilege to be part of this training as it provided us a chance to be one and united although we belonged to different villages, age, sex, class, caste and religion.”

Such was the impact of the second successive farmers training organized by Don Bosco, Narukot in collaboration with Anand Agricultural University, Anand from February 6- 10, 2010.

Having had regular inputs from scientists of Anand Agricultural University every morning on topics such as drip irrigation to save water, use of natural and organic manual, system of rice intensification, all farmers both men and women had a march past through huge fields of bananas and paddy to witness modern techniques of agricultural products, in gigantic galleries of the famous Amul dairy to see technological wonders of automatic processing of milk and in lanes of Anand city to experience hustle and bustle of urban life.

It was enriching and memorable experience for all of them for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the majority had a chance for the first time to be away from their villages and to breathe in urban area. Secondly, it provided them a chance to be together as there were farmers from sixteen different villages of diverse age, sex, caste and religion. Thirdly, they gained knowledge of modern methods and techniques of growing agricultural products with less water. Finally, they also had a chance to explore new places like the Amul dairy and Vehrakhadi (picnic spot).

Metardada from Gandhra, the eldest of the group expressed gratitude to Fr. Stanny Ferreira and to the Development staff on behalf of the entire group for organizing this versatile training.

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