Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Lyra Pinto
BARODA, JANUARY 12, 2010: The leaders of 16 SHGs facilitated by Don Bosco, Makarpura (Baroda) came together for a day of assessment and planning on Sunday, January 10, 2010. Having strengthened their groups and financial position over the past few years, these SHG members had expressed their desire to take up further programmes related to livelihood and development of their communities.

Accordingly, an input and planning session was conducted for the leaders of these groups by the staff by Don Bosco, Makarpura. Through games, activities and group discussions, the 36 women who attended this session identified a few areas they would like to work on, such as water and cleanliness issues in their community and income generation programmes in their groups. At the end of the session, they committed to discussing these issues with their group members and formulating a concrete action plan. Their assertiveness and enthusiastic participation proved that these city women are eager to improve their lives, and are capable of transforming their communities.

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