Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ranald Lopes sdb
For the people of Baroj and the staff of Lok Seva Kendra (LSK) Chhota Udepur, November 6, 2009 was an exciting and memorable day, with the visit of special guests.
Mr. Hans-Jürgen Dörrich, Director of Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany; Mr. Reinhard Heiserer, Director of Jugend Eine Welt, Austria; and Mr. Michael Mager and Mr. Jörg Einsiedel from the Grohe Company, Germany, visited LSK to understand the progress of the projects underway there. After a warm welcome by the staff of LSK, the guests made a few quick stops at the bakery, technical centre and other programmes running in the campus. The highlight of the day, however, was the visit to the village of Baroj, where LSK is implementing a watershed project supported by Jugend Dritte Welt.
At Baroj, the guests were greeted enthusiastically by the villagers, who had prepared a grand programme in their honour. After the programme, they visited the various sites in the village where watershed work is underway, and interacted with the people to understand the impact of the watershed on their lives. The LSK staff explained the methods used to execute the project, and took note of suggestions made by the visiting team.
Through their visit, the team was able to see the difference that their support has made to the lives of the people. After spending several hours in the village, the guests left with a sense of satisfaction and the intention of returning as soon as they can!

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