Saturday, August 15, 2009


Natasha Almeida
MUMBAI, AUGUST 11, 2009: It all began when a few teenage girls from the slums of Vadala, Kings Circle and Matungas Labour Camp approached the field workers of Don Bosco Development Society and expressed their desire to learn a basic skill that would help them run their households and benefit them in the long run. The girls, all between the ages of 15- 23 years, most of who were school drop outs or married at an early age showed eager interest in making good use of their free time which was otherwise whiled away at home.

Don Bosco Development Society, therefore, took a step ahead and initiated a basic Beautician and Tailoring course in collaboration with Janshikshan Sanstha from Dharavi, which was inaugurated on August 7, 2009, at the Maschio Centre, Matunga in the presence of Frs. Edwin D’souza and Savio Silveira. A total of 15 girls have enrolled for the Tailoring course while 17 girls have enrolled for the Beautician course. Janshikshan Sanstha has provided two female facilitators for the both the courses.

The inauguration was held in a very traditional way. In true Indian style by the breaking of the coconut all evil was warded off, the ribbon was cut and the aarti conducted by one of the students. The welcome address was delivered by Ms. Surekha Pednekar from the Mumbai Development Office in which she spoke about the actual motto of starting off with these courses. Fr. Edwin D’souza in his address was ever welcoming for any sort of help required. He also mentioned that the space provided should be utilized well and efforts put in should show fruits. Fr. Savio Silveira added that this would be a new beginning for the girls and that they should take one step at a time to achieve greater heights.

The inauguration ceremony paved the way for the first class which was held on the same evening. The girls showed keen interest. Surely, this venture which will last for two months will prove beneficial for them in the long run to provide for themselves and their families. A new beginning that sparked off as a desire will eventually lead to fulfillment of their dreams.

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