Monday, June 22, 2009


Mayank Parmar KAPADVANJ, JUNE 20, 2009: Venipura village is about fifteen kilometers from Kapadvanj town consisting about 56 households. About five kilometers to enter in to the village there is no road at all. This village falls into the Grampanchayat of Ambalyara which is about three kilometers. Yesterday our social worker Nikunj Parmar made a door to door visit and explained to them about the whole idea of NREGS. People were just aware of the Job Cards which were distributed but they had been taken back from them to issue it along with the snap. They had no idea of the purpose of this whole card. We had arranged the first general meeting with the people regarding this issue. We, together with Ms. Sarojben the Social worker from Kheda Social Service went for the meeting. We were taken a back that so far nobody is aware of the Gramsabha and when are they held. The date and timings are unknown to them. Ms. Sarojben explained the people about the primary importance of the act. Then Nikunj Our Project Coordinator explained the importance of Gramsabha and also expressed that without their cooperation nothing is possible. Afterwhich Fr. Mayank Parmar sdb, the Director of DRISTI enlightened the people on how one can make use of NREGS for the development of their village and at the same time guaranteed each household their 100 days of work. The meeting ended with forming the core group members which consisted ten of them from the men and women folk. Two leaders asked us to accompany them to the Talati office saying that we want to further proceed ahead with one hundred days of work. This core group together with Nikunj Parmar Our Project coordinator will follow up in getting Job cards for the people and they are looking forward of constructing the road themselves.

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