Friday, April 3, 2009


Mayank Parmar sdb NARUKOT, APRIL 3, 2009: After having successfully commenced work on the NREGS in two villages – Hirapur and Dipapura – DB Narukot decided to take up the same in yet another two villages. Accordingly, on April 1, meetings were held in Duma and Thalki to explain the NREGS to the people. Fr. Stanny Ferreira, together with his team, explained in great detail to the villagers the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) along with its corresponding Scheme (NREGS). They pointed out that the Act guarantees 100 days of work to every rural household. Furthermore, the works to be taken up in the village should be decided by the Gram Sabha. The people who attended the meetings were very pleased with the information they received and expressed their opinion that this scheme would indeed be highly beneficial to them. In both the villages, it was very heartening that immediately after the meeting people came forward stating their interest to get into the scheme. Accordingly, the application forms for the Job Cards were filled in at once. While in Duma about 65 persons requested Job Cards, in Thalki over 100 people asked for the same. These forms were then submitted to the NREGS Programme Officer at the Taluka Panchayat and the process for obtaining Job Cards has begun. The experience in both the villages was very satisfying. If the NREGS is effectively implemented it will reduce distress migration from the villages and simultaneously build up the assets in the village.

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