Friday, March 27, 2009


Sandeep Kadam PUNE, MARCH 27, 2009: Bosco Samajik Sanstha, Yerwad organized the Women’s Day Celebration on March 19, 2009 at the Don Bosco Campus. About 170 women were present for the event. The programme commenced at 11.00 am with words of welcome and introduction by Mr. Melvin Pangya, Development Office staff, Mumbai. The dignitaries present for the occasion were Fr. Francis Kharjia, Parish Priest; Fr. John Gonsalves, BSS Director; Fr. Prakash Bhalerao, Editor of Niropiya; Advocates Mr. Bajirao Dalvi and Mr. Vijay Bhaskaran; Mr. Melvin Pangya, Programme Coordinator; and Mr. Anirudh Patil, Regional Coordinator, Save the Children, India.
After the lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries and a prayer by Fr. Francis Kharjia, Fr. John Gonsalves spoke in details about the work being done by BSS for the development and empowerment of women in the city of Pune. Next, Advocate Dalvi and Advocate Bhaskaran made a presentation on the different laws in our country that favour women and support their development. Following this presentation, Fr. Prakash spoke on the theme of equality between men and women, especially in our present day society. Speaking next, Mr. Anirudh Patil touched on a variety of topics including unity, cooperation and communication skills. Finally, the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Santosh Kale, Development staff from Don Bosco Youth Centre.

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